Sauerkraut Recipe

Sauerkraut Recipe. People raved and wanted the recipe. I did not tamper with the recipe, except to add carrots, but probably will do so in the future.

QUICK SAUERKRAUT Cooking Is Like Love from

View recipe directions quarter cabbages and remove cores; It can take anywhere from one to three weeks to achieve a nice sour tartness in your sauerkraut; This can easily be made for a large crowd and keep in a roaster.

Depending On How I Want To Use The Sauerkraut, This Is The Only Ingredient That I Sometimes Choose To Omit.

It's delicious with almost anything. You could also fill the bag with dried beans or rice. For obtaining a good quality sauerkraut at home, the usda recommendation is to store at 70º to 75ºf while fermenting.

I Love Cabbage In General And Like Most Sauerkraut Recipes, But They Can Be Pretty Sour Depending On How They're Prepared.

Yes, sauerkraut goes with pork, beef, sausage, noodles, potatoes, dumplings, etc., etc. The sauerkraut on top of the brat was just great! Turkey sausage with apple sauerkraut

Cover, And Cook Over Medium, Stirring Occasionally, Until Cabbage Is Tender, 30 To 35 Minutes (If Bottom Of Pan Starts To Brown, Add 1/4 Cup More Water).

This post may contain affiliate links which i earn a small portion in sales if a. Decided to try this rather than make the time consuming effort to ferment cabbage for a week. Sprinkle pork roast with salt and pepper.

Far Better Than Store Bought.

Glad i did because this produces very good sauerkraut very quickly. But the water seems so simple. This sauerkraut recipe is not “just a recipe,” but instead a mini fermentation course in which i teach you everything you need to know to successfully ferment sauerkraut using a jar and other items found in your kitchen.

This Can Easily Be Made For A Large Crowd And Keep In A Roaster.

It is so convenient for small batch ferments. I did learn the hard way though that it will take much longer to cook in an 18 qt roaster(was making 60 brats). A little trick my friend tonia taught me….place a ziplock bag filled with a little water to weigh the turmeric sauerkraut down.

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